Types of Healthy Exercises

March, 2011
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Types of Healthy Exercises

Considering exercise as a part of our routine is surely a well known fact. But in fact the fundamentals of the exercise also need to be understood. There can be several types of physical exercises broadly characterized into four main types that is, endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Endurance is something that put up stress on the major organs of the body like heart, lungs and the circulatory system. Activities like walking, jogging, swimming, biking and walking uphill can all be counted as endurance exercises provided they are conducted in the right spirit. Certain sports activities can also be regarded as the endurance exercises like tennis and basketball etc. Strength exercises on the other hand are in fact to strengthen the body muscles. This can be achieved by lifting weights and putting up stress on the muscles involved in that particular exercise. Balance exercises are in order to help us achieve the balance in our body, heel to toe exercise and standing on one foot are few of such exercises. There are exercises resorting to which we can easily improve upon the flexibility in our body fiber. Stretching exercises can lead to improving upon the flexibility. Shoulder and upper arm stretch, calf stretch and certain yoga exercises can be regarded as the stretching exercises. In order to be able to find a sound health and body it is necessary to carry out a number of different exercises or physical activities, encompassing all the above mentioned types of exercises. This can be achieved by planning out the daily routine and finding out time for such essential exercises. Though, all kinds of exercises can not be undergone on daily basis. But still there is a possibility to strike a balance between exercises and plan them as part of the routine. It is obvious that exercises that fulfil the above mentioned aspects would really help us lead a healthy body and healthy mind.


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  1. Saar Says:

    this is exactly what i am trinyg to do at the moment, i am not fat, far from it but i am just trinyg to get in shape and get healthy and particulary get a toned stomach. My current routine I have been at for about 2 months and to be honest running seems to be working the best and ive only made that part of my routine for a couple of weeks. I only run 3KM at the moment on a tredmill and upping that all the time, this is on top of other cardio and resistance training. Basically if you want a flat belly, you have to do everything else as well.

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